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Site report for 4th Feb 2013

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  • Score

    68% got a FreelanceWP score of 68 when it was scanned 721 days ago. This score is calculated from the six sections below.

    Your site score is on par with the majority of the sites we have in our system - the average score this week for all sites scanned is 70%.

  • WordPress Version

    The current version of WordPress is 3.6, Released on August 1, 2013.

    Version Details
    We detected that this is a WordPress site, but couldn't identify a version.

    We couldn't work out which version of WordPress your site is using. That's not necessarily a bad thing - quite often developers or plugins will hide the WordPress version as a security measure.

  • Themes

    Screenshot of Tv Fun

    Current theme
    Tv Fun
    WordTube is a Wordpress Theme that is ideal for video blogs.
    Wordpress Themes tv fun
    Theme URI

    Get help finding a new theme

    There are thousands of themes – free and paid – available for WordPress-powered sites. Themes determine the presentation of your WordPress site and can also determine functionality and affect performance.

    Where can I find out more?
    Find free themes on themes, or find out about using themes. Getting a new theme for your site can be a quick and easy way of totally re-vamping your website without having to worry about re-loading content or paying for custom design work. Why not check out some themes using our WordPress Theme Explorer?

    Tired of looking at the same old theme? Use our theme explorer to find a shiny, new one - for free!

  • SEO 100%

    Page Title
    شهيوات شميشة
    Meta Description
    chhiwat bladi,chhiwat choumicha 2m,chhiwat choumicha en arabe,chhiwat choumicha video,cuisine marocaine,chhiwat choumicha 2012,chhiwat choumicha maroc
    We found this robots.txt file - that's good practice and will help search engines decide how to index your site.
    XML Sitemap
    We found an XML sitemap or sitemap index file - that's good practice and will help search engines index your site's content.
    We couldn't generate a MozRank for your site, sorry. It's probably not a problem with your site. SEOMoz will tell you how you can increase your website's MozRank in great detail.

    Get SEO help

    We analyse a site’s homepage to check basic, important SEO information. We assume that the site is ready for public viewing and that visitors to the site are welcome.

    Assuming you want other people to find a site, it needs to be accessible to search engines and for certain technical elements to be in place in order that search engines can understand the purpose, context and importance of the site.

    How is the score calculated?
    The overall SEO score is based on which basic SEO elements are found, along with the site's Mozrank.

    Where can I find out more?
    A good resource to find out about SEO is SEOmoz. FreelanceWP uses SEOmoz’s ranking system to help determine your SEO score. They have a comprehensive beginner’s guide here:

  • Page speed performance 76%

    Click here to run the full Google Page Speed Online test on this site.

    Overall Score
    Page size breakdown (bytes)
    Total resource download size: 157.15 KB
    Resources breakdown (number)
    Total number of resources: 28

    Get faster hosting

    This section tests your website's performance using Google's online page speed tool. This service performs a number of tests on your site which we then retrieve the results for and summarise.

    Websites are comprised of files like HTML, CSS and images which a visitor's browser must download in order to see the website. The larger the combined size of all these files, the slower the web page will download. Slow websites make for a poor visitor experience and some search engines are using site speed as an SEO factor - so it's really important to have a fast-loading site.

    What am I looking at?
    There are three results displayed here - first is the overall page speed as a percentage. Next is a breakdown of the website's size, broken down by file type to help you see where the biggest size savings might be achievable. The last result is a breakdown of your web page by the number of resources by type. Browsers can only download a certain number of files in parallel, so the fewer files your site has, the faster your site will load for visitors.

    How is the score calculated?
    This is calculated directly by the Google page speed tool.

    Where can I find out more?
    See your site's full results page here

  • Code Validity 63%

    Theme CSS Validity
    There are a number of CSS errors on your site. It might be worth checking the validator we use to see if there are some easy fixes.

    Your CSS validity score is: 74%

    HTML Validity
    There are some HTML coding issues on your site. These can be from plugins so may not be something to worry about, but you can check the full results on W3C .

    Your HTML validity score is: 51%

    Get these errors fixed!

    This section checks the code that makes your website appear in your browser.

    Websites are sent to your browser as code. In order to ensure that the code is understood properly by all browsers, it needs to conform to the rules of the language. The two most important languages for WordPress-powered websites are (X)HTML and CSS.

    FreelanceWP checks the site's code against the W3C HTML and CSS validators and returns the results here.

    How is the score calculated?
    A mean score is calculated from the results of the two validation processes. The score starts at 100% and 1 mark is deducted for every error found. If a site you've crawled has a bad code validity score, that's not necessarily a bad thing: sometimes markup that is strictly-speaking invalid is actually necessary to account for (for example) different code interpretations by different browsers. However, hopefully this objective test will at least help to highlight any potential concerns.

    Where can I find out more?
    Find out more about code validity and the validator that FreelanceWP uses here:

  • Are you a WordPress freelancer?

    Yes? Great: you're in the right place. FreelanceWP gives you the tools and knowledge to succeed as a freelancer. Try the FreelanceWP backup and deploy plugin - it'll save you the heartache of lost work and data and make it quick and easy to move your WordPress sites between development, staging and live environments.

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